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Castle Forbes Fishing - Rates for 2024

Rates for One Rod per Beat (inclusive of VAT) per week/per day:


MIGRATORY FISH (including BROWN TROUT 1  April to 28 September


12 February - 30 March = £160 per week/ £35 per day


01 April - 24 August £275 per week/£55 per day


26 August  - 31 October £325 per week/£65 per day




01 April - 28 September  £110 per week/ £30 per day

PLEASE REMEMBER TO FORWARD YOUR CATCH RETURN, including nil returns, to The Estate Office within two weeks after each day or period of fishing.


Your catch return should include any information/observations you feel may be of use to the Estate or others.


Fish of a keepable size, which are put back into the River, should be entered on the Return (with approximate weight) and clearly marked ‘Not Kept’ or ‘Returned’.




A) Day fishing discount - is available to regular day rod fishers, when the individual rod has taken and personally fished 5 days (or multiples thereof) during the season - details available from the office.


B) Spinning - fly-fishing is always the preferred method of fishing. Spinning may only be undertaken when water or occasionally weather or physical conditions make fly fishing impossible. If you resort to spinning, for whatever reason, please ensure you check with any other rod on your Beat and anyone fishing the opposite Beat that this method of fishing is not going to upset their day. We are fortunate in being in a position to control the method of fishing on both banks, excepting the bank opposite Beat 5 (Glenton water), where we can only effectively voice our concerns if a complaint is notified to us immediately.


C) Brown Trout - for conservation and improvement purposes, we discourage Trout fishing before early April and recommend that, from that date, a sensible catch and return policy is adopted.






Those fishing on Castle Forbes Waters are required to abide by the principles of the Code:


(a) Environment - all anglers should be actively concerned in protecting the environment.

(b) Conservation - fishing should be conducted so that healthy fish populations are maintained.

(c) Behaviour - moderation, courtesy, and consideration for others are the marks of a sporting angler.

(d) The Sport - there is more to fishing than catching fish





CASTLE FORBES – "Fisherman’s Week"


Sunday pm to Saturday am (6 nights) £685 per person (£140 per day)


Price is all-inclusive of bed, breakfast, dinner, drinks, service etc. but does not include the fishing (see fishing rates above).

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