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A few hundred yards from Castle Forbes is Cothiemuir Hill, a 22 acre mixed woodland crowned by a Neolithic stone circle. Within the wood are four glades dedicated to natural burial that are managed by the Estate in partnership with Leedam Natural Heritage.


The burial ground offers the chance to hold a personal, imaginative and environmentally-friendly service to celebrate the life of the deceased. Most of all, Cothiemuir Hill provides a serene and poignant landscape for families and friends to return to when remembering those buried there – a natural alternative to conventional ceremonies.


The stone circle, regarded as one of the North East of Scotland’s finest, is characterised by a recumbent stone thought to be the largest in Europe, and is flanked by two more upright stones. Surrounding these, the extraordinarily peaceful and scenic environment provides opportunities for wildlife and native plants to flourish.


Plots for natural burial or the interment of ashes can be pre-booked or arranged nearer the time of a funeral.


For full details please visit or call 01600 716438

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